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A random collection of possibly useful code.


A simple GTK3/GObject graph plotting library.

This project was born from the need for making some nice looking plots in another project I was working on. Many years ago I had used the plotting facilities from GtkExtra but this module was never ported to GTK3. Having looked into porting the GtkExtra modules from GTK2 I decided it was too complex a task, given my requirements, so I started looking around for something else. I found Goat Plot but this had issues with recent GTK3. However it was almost what I wanted. Ultimately after a false start at fixing the issues there I decided to sketch out some ideas and write my own.

PocPlot is the result of that effort. I’ve been using this with no problems other than occasional bug-fixes for about ten months at the time of writing (September 2020).


A collection of libxslt extension modules.

This is a collection of libxslt extensions I have used over the years with libxslt. It was about time I collected them together, gave them a really imaginative name, and published them with a proper build system and documentation (as much for my own benefit, I wrote some of this years ago and memory fades).


A Python 3 interface to the cmark-gfm library using the Python C API.